Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is KoG?
  2. How do I become an Admin of KoG?
  3. What makes KoG different than other rooms?
  4. Why does KoG ban a user?
  5. How to get unbanned?
  6. Why does KoG bounce a user?
  7. Can I play MP3 in KoG?
  8. Can I sing in Hindi or English?
  9. How do I lock the mic handsfree?
  10. How do I talk while in a non paltalk window?

What is KoG?
KoG stands for Kobita o Gaan. KoG refers to the group of People who runs the voice chat room Kobita o Gaan and this website.

How do I become an Admin of KoG?
KoG has an explicit policy that KoG Admins cannot be Admin in any other BD voice chat room in Paltalk. If you are not Admin in any other room and want to become Admin in KoG, follow these steps.

Talk to one of the Advisors, let them know you are interested. They will watch you for a certain time and let you know if you are eligible.

If eligible, they will inform you all about the Adminship, if you accept those terms, they will give you a test time limit (2-4 weeks). During that time, you have to show your dedication for KoG. Once all the Advisors are satisfied with your dedication, you will be given the Admin status.

What makes KoG different than other rooms?
KoG strictly maintains a decent friendly environment. KoG goes all the way to make sure the room environment is pleasent. KoG doesnt hesitate to Bounce or Ban anyone who is a threat to the quality of the room. If you take your time, and watch all rooms, you will see, KoG is the only room that doesnt allow cursing, insulting, teasing, talking behind people's back, irritaing / bothering others. This is the only room where people from all age can come and enjoy a quality online time, including your parents and family.

KoG is also dedicated to bring out cultural shows. That gives all users a chance to enjoy and perticipate. KoG encourages all users, from novice to expert, to take part in cultural activities.

Why does KoG ban a user?
If bans weren't necessary, Paltalk wouldn't have made them. KoG bans only 2 kinds of users. Those, who comes in the room, type or say offensive/abusive language and those, who acts in or outside KoG against KoG. These bans ensure all users a pleasent environment to enjoy decent chat and quality entertainment. These bans made KoG so much better and keeps it the room of choice.

How to get unbanned?
KoG strongly belives in redemption. People make mistake and they deserve a second chance. If you have been banned in KoG, and feel that what you did was wrong and want to honor the KoG environment now on, simply contact one of the room Advisors. Admit what you have done and ask for a 2nd chance. Soon the Advisors will get back to you and give you their decision.

Why does KoG bounce a user?
KoG bounces a user to ensure the room environment to stay decent and pleasent. Which means, either the bounced user did something offensive/abusive or is about to do so. Sometime you might see an user getting bounced without doing anything. That simply means, whoever bounced, knows that nick and what he/she is about to do, as they have done it repeatedly.

If you are new in KoG, and don't know much about how different this room is compared to others, please follow this guideline before you step on the wrong toes.
    1. Don't use abusive or offensive language in text or mic.
    2. Don't make fun of anyone.
    3. Don't insult anyone.
    4. Don't fight in the room.
    5. Don't annoy others.
    6. Don't bother any guy/girl in main text or mic with flirtish or abusive tone.
    7. Don't criticize the performer. None of them are professionals, don't expect them to be. Either enjoy the performence or keep quite, or leave the room. Try to praise as much as possible as it will encourage the performer to do better.
    8. Just try to be nice, friendly, talk to all with respect and enjoy the clean entertainment.
Simply ignore those bounces and enjoy the time. Just know, whatever our Admins are doing, they are doing it to keep the room environment decent and safe, for you.

Can I play MP3 in KoG?
People prefers live performances over recorded ones. We have seen, playing MP3 makes most users bored and leave the room. There are also BD rooms designated for MP3. So it is preferred that, you dont play MP3 in KoG unless one of the Admins allow it. If you want to play a MP3, simply take the mic and ask the Admin if you can play it. If he/she permits, go ahead and play it, if not, dont play it.

Can I sing in Hindi or English?
Yes. KoG is for our entertainment. And it is very common for us, BD people, to enjoy Hindi and English music. As long as its decent and entertaining, its allowed.

How do I lock the mic handsfree?
1. with your mouse right click on the blue area and hold
2. press tab untill "invite" is selected
3. press space. invite window will pop up
4. let go of mouse right button and cancel the invite window

now the mic is locked.
you can chat while you have the mic.
make sure you dont click any where outside paltalk.
then it wont work.
In that case you have to restart paltalk.

To let the mic go dont press ctrl. right click on the blue area once.

How do I talk while in a non paltalk window?
1.Click on Setup on the main Paltalk window.
2. Click on the Preference Tab.
3. Check the "enable Hot Key" box.
4. Click OK.

Now You can be in any window and still talk in the mic by pressing the ctrl button.